In 2017, DistroKid launched Splits (original post here) as a super-easy way to automatically split any percent of earnings, from any track, with anyone.

You can split with producers, featured artists, and any collaborators who worked on the song — and they’ll get paid automatically.

Splits have already been added to more than 1.5 millions tracks with hundreds of thousands of collaborators.

Starting today, you can also set up “Recoupments” for any collaborator.

For example, let’s say one of the collaborators, Hayden, paid $500 for the beat, or music video, etc. …

Click farm

As your trusted partner, we wanted to take a moment to warn you about some deceptive ads we’ve recently seen for illegitimate promotion services.

Don’t use any music promotion company that sells playlist placements, or claims they can increase your streams. These companies are likely using illegitimate practices (such as streaming fraud) without your knowledge.

When streaming services detect artificial streams, they may withhold your royalties or remove your entire catalog. Which is sad.

Streaming services work diligently to ensure streams are legitimate, and that they reflect genuine user listening intent. If a streaming service finds that you’ve boosted play…


It’s one of the most popular apps in the world: more than 265 million daily active users send 5 billion posts (“Snaps”) to each other every day.

Snapchat recently launched a new featured called Sounds on Snapchat that lets its users easily add music to Snaps.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Snapchat that makes it easy for DistroKid members to get fast-tracked into the Sounds on Snapchat library.

This service is free for all DistroKid members. Here’s how to get your music ready for Snapchat:

  • New music: Select the “Snapchat” checkbox when uploading music to DistroKid

Starting today, DistroKid is partnering with Twitch to offer qualifying DistroKid members — who have shown a level of dedication and success in music — the opportunity to join the Twitch Affiliate Program.

The Twitch Affiliate Program is open to Twitch streamers who meet select qualifications, and allows those who qualify to further build a community and earn income on Twitch. DistroKid worked with Twitch to extend their Affiliate qualifications to recognize the work that DistroKid members have put into creating music & building fans across music streaming services.

What’s Twitch Affiliate status? Among other things, it unlocks the ability…

Today I’m excited to announce “DistroKid Upstream.”

Many artists want to stay independent. But some don’t. For artists who are interested in signing with a record label, we’ve built Upstream.

Upstream is a matchmaking service that helps artists looking for labels, and labels looking for artists, to find each other. It’s free, optional, 100% artist-friendly — and there’s nothing else like it in the world.

If you’re an artist and want to meet record labels, you can opt-in here.


By most metrics, DistroKid has become the biggest music distributor ever. It blows my mind that one-third of all…

Recently, Spotify removed music from their service due to suspected “artificial streams.” These takedowns were distributor-agnostic and affected music from all distributors (not just DistroKid).

And though DistroKid wasn’t involved in the takedowns, we exist to help artists. So I figured a “behind-the-scenes” look at how artificial streaming most commonly happens can shed light, and help artists avoid these situations in the future.

Here’s a common situation:

  1. A playlister, marketing service, publicist, advertising agency, manager, etc., tells an artist “for $300, we’ll help you get more streams.” These services often look legitimate, with seemingly good reputations.
  2. The artist sends money…


If you use DistroKid to distribute your music, now when someone listens to your song on Spotify (mobile app), you can show them a video! …instead of regular album art.

Spotify calls it “Canvas,” it’s cool, and available to all DistroKid members (for free) starting today.

The easiest way to upload your video to Spotify is using the Spotify for Artists mobile app:

  1. Sign into Spotify for Artists mobile app (iPhone, Android)
  2. Click the “library” icon at the bottom (looks like books)
  3. Pick a song that you distributed using DistroKid
  4. Click “Create Canvas” and pick a video from your camera. The Spotify for Artists app will help you edit 3–8 seconds for looping.

We hope you love the new service!

Ps- If you don’t have access to Spotify for Artists, have no fear — DistroKid makes that easy, too.

Vote! (for your favorite song) (and also in the general election if you’re in the US)

Tomorrow is election day in the USA. So we thought today would be a good day to launch the DistroKid Playlist Spotlight.

Playlist Spotlight is a contest, like a rap battle or battle of the bands, where songs are put head-to-head & listeners vote for their favorite. Anyone can vote — even people who don’t have a DistroKid account (it doesn’t ask for registration).

The top songs each week are added to a DistroKid Spotify playlist with over 100,000 followers.

We built Playlist Spotlight…

Apple Music announcement to users

Synced lyrics are all the rage.

It’s that thing on Instagram and Apple Music where lyrics scroll — in perfect time — with the music.

Karaoke-style, so that listeners can follow (and sing) along.

Starting today, DistroKid lets any artist automatically create & upload synced lyrics.

DistroKid is the only distributor in the world with this (💪💪).

There’s a meme over the past few years of putting different music into this clip from Friends:

There are many of these videos online. They’re fun, and an easy way to get people to check out your music. To make one, artists had previously needed a video editing program.

I thought it would be fun to make the process easier. So this past weekend I built the “Marcel Generator.” It lets you make one of these videos, with your song, instantly & for free.

Check it out:

A bunch of people have asked me how it works. …

Philip Kaplan

Founder of @DistroKid. Also founded @Fandalism, @TinyLetter, F-dcompany, AdBrite and more. Heavy metal drummer. Follow me on Twitter @pud

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